La Maîtrise de la Perverie, a choir school

The « Maîtrise de la Perverie », choir school, proposes to children to young people from 7 to 18 years old a complete musical training based upon a daily and thorough practice of choral singing and vocal art. Every project is turned towards learning and discovery integrating children to a high level artistic project. Music and choral music is always a unique experience to discover and to share with others.

The opening of repertoires leads children to a musical eclectic which is essential to their building and development.

In 2019, 250 children are following this musical, vocal and choral training; meanwhile, they are following a general academic tuition.

The Maitrise de la Perverie is open to anyone who wishes to sing, and is based on a prospect of developing innovative artistic and cultural projects: “New music for children choirs”, “meeting other singers”, “music on stage”, concerts…. Every experience brings to the child some new learning as well as new meetings with the professional world.


Every year you can discover a new artistic season during which each choir of the choir school is bound to give concerts in Nantes and its region as well as far beyond.